Meanwhile…August 31, 2015

I’m not sure what just happened. It’s the last day of August, and I still haven’t made Johnnycakes or coffee milk. Tomorrow, I keep telling myself. Tomorrow. And I suppose that since tomorrow is September, it’s time to get my ingredients lined up and my whisk back on the road.

Until then, here are a few of the things I did instead:

2  square white background around letters, black around ackbar

Created an illegal logo for our competition barbecue team.


Worked on my not-so-epic spray-painting skills/


Played “Donkey Kong Country” while this cat took a nap on my lap. Her name is Beatrice, she’s 19, she’s blind, and if she wants to take long naps on my lap I’m going to let her.


Mocked this fennel for being a little over-the-top.


Enjoyed the hell out of this Scotch.


Made a microbatch of plum jam infused with peach whiskey.


Made a microbatch of apple butter with hard cider.


Tinkered with barbecue sauce recipes.


Served this food to 20+ of my favorite people because I just felt like it.