The Recipes

Crab Cakes (Delaware)

Vinegar Fries (Delaware)

Philly Cheesesteak (Pennsylvania)

Chakalaka (Meanwhile in my other life)

Fried (Puff Pastry) Dough (New Jersey)

Corn Dogs (New Jersey)

Breakfast Potatoes (Meanwhile in my other life)

Spiced Peach Cobbler (Georgia)

Elderberry Scones (Meanwhile in my other life)

New Haven Pizza (Connecticut)

Clementine-Cranberry Quickbread (Thanksgiving)

Midwestern  Stuffing (Thanksgiving)

New England Stuffing (Thanksgiving)

Southern Oyster Stuffing (Thanksgiving)

Southwest  Stuffing (Thanksgiving)

Corn Pudding (Thanksgiving)

Acorn Squash (Thanksgiving)

New England Clam Chowder (Massachusetts)

Boston Brown Bread (Massachusetts)

Hoppin’ John (South Carolina)

Shrimp and Grits (South Carolina)

 Crêpes (Meanwhile in My Other Life)

Coconut and Lime Cake (Meanwhile in My Other Life)

Pumpkin-Molasses Whoopie Pies (New Hampshire)

Bourbon Cocoa Krispy Treats (Meanwhile…)

Smoky Shortbread Cookies (Meanwhile…)

Asparagus Forced in French Rolls (Virginia)

Ham Biscuits (Virginia)

Zucchini Ragout (Pennsylvania Revisited)

Pulled Pork (North Carolina)

Garden Benedict (Meanwhile…)

Pepperoni Rolls (Meanwhile…)

Skolebrød (Meanwhile…)

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